Can I Re-Use My Hanging Basket Liner?

Re-Usable Hanging Basket Liners


It’s coming to that time of year again when we are all thinking about spring and the choices and plans we need to make for our gardens. It’s good to know that the weather is on the up and the days are drawing out, so let’s look forward to what we can achieve this year.

Spring Flowers

We specialise in hanging baskets liners and have been making hanging baskets in our family business for over 25 years.

Starting as a garden nursery, who provided a hanging basket filling service to the local community, we have had a fair bit of experience with different types of liners. Sphagnum moss, coco coir to name just a couple.


There are many things to consider when choosing your liner, such as how it performs, how it looks, how expensive it is, how easy it is to use, where you can get it from and how long will it last.

There are so many to choose from that it could take a number of years to work through them all and decide which hanging basket liner is right for you.


…Fortunately, we have already done that hard work and realised which one we prefer, but I suppose we are bias!


One thing that we appreciate, is that people nowadays need to get value for their money. So, two important factors to consider when buying hanging basket liners this spring is How much does it Cost? and How long will it last?


We put together this blog to help people consider these factors, as many people make their choices on price or looks, which is all well and good if them are your concerns but hopefully this will open your eyes to others that you may not have thought about.


One of the great things about the Amateur’s Answer Hanging Basket Lining System is its durability. At first glance, people may even think that this liner is too thin to be used as a basket liner, but once you use it, you see how versatile it is and appreciate the strength in the fibres that make it last.



Sphagnum Moss and Coco Coir are two of the most popular hanging basket liners on the market today, but unfortunately the material breaks off relatively easily and many of your local birds will take this away for themselves. You may find most of your liner lining the many of the surrounding bird’s nests rather than your hanging basket.


Plastic Fantastic?

Of course, there are the other extremes. You could get a solid plastic basket that will still be around in 50 years, whether you use it or not!

Plus the solid plastic baskets aren’t so easy on the eye and lack the other good qualities that the better liners provide such as good drainage and water retention.



The Amateur’s Answer

The Amateur’s Answer Hanging Basket Liner is a great alternative. It is cheaper than Coco Coir, Sphagnum Moss and many others. It is a more versatile hanging basket liner… It’s easy to assemble… It looks great…  And, better still, it’s strong and durable, so that you can get numerous seasons out of one liner!



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