Watering Solutions for Hanging Baskets

Watering Solutions for your Hanging Baskets


Watering your baskets regularly is essential in keeping your hanging basket plants strong and healthy. However, with many people have busy lives and find it hard, if not impossible, to water their baskets as often as they should.

Whether its work, weekends away, or two week holidays in another country, there are always times that we become unable to water, and many of us wouldn’t want to burden our neighbours or friends by asking them to do it. Thankfully, there are various options that are available to you to resolve this issue.



Hanging Basket Liner

Initially, it is wise to line your hanging basket with a good Hanging Basket Liner, as you need to ensure that the liner you choose has good water retention and allows drainage.


Watering Gel Granules

The next step to reduced watering is using Watering Gel Granules or Crystals.

Watering gel Granules can make life much easier by reducing watering by up to 4 times and will really improve your plants performance. These release moisture slowly and each time you water the granules soak moisture in once more, acting like a rechargeable battery for your hanging baskets.


Wetting Agent

Another helpful addition is to sprinkle a handful of Wetting Agent over the compost of your hanging basket after it has been filled.

The reason this is good for the watering process is that after time, you often find that a crust forms on the top of the basket, which reduces the amount of water that the basket absorbs during the watering.

You often find that later in the season, most of the water runs off the side of the basket, rather than going in to the compost. Wetting agent helps breakdown this issue by keeping the soil porous.


Water Irrigation System

For many of us this isn’t necessary, but for those with really busy lives, or people who struggle to do this regular task, this is ideal. Once the Automatic Watering System is set up correctly, you don’t need to worry about the watering at all.

There are numerous options for automatic watering systems on the market in the UK, many with different functions that will suit different needs. One of these watering systems is the Hozelock 20 Pot Watering Kit, which is a great unit that you can set up a pipeline to all of your hanging baskets, so that it can drip feed water at selected start times, frequencies and watering durations, thanks to the AC Timer.

You will need to have an outside tap for this and have someone who is able to fit the unit as required. I found this helpful video on YouTube which details how to install a similar Hozelock watering system.

..You may be concerned that the kits that you choose as your water irrigation system doesn’t have the right amount of nozzles or connections, or even the right length of pipe to cover the extent of all of your hanging baskets and pots in their current locations, but you should find that you can purchase additional parts as required to complete the circuit for your individual needs.


It’s best not to assume that the watering system will provide the correct amount of water to your baskets right from the start, so it’s advised that for the first week to check the flow to each hanging basket and pot.

Also keep an eye on the plants themselves. If they appear to be struggling, then you may need to adjust the flow or increase the duration.

If you see that the watering is excessive, and water is pouring out of the top, then you may need to look at reducing duration and flow.


A good check to ensure that the hanging basket is getting enough water, feel the underside of it and check that the Hanging Basket Liner is nice and moist and don’t worry if there is water coming through, as this is expected.


The Correct Amount of Water for your Plants

You may find that certain plants don’t need as much water as other, so always read up on the plants that you are using and try to adjust your automatic watering system so that it delivers the right amount.

However, with hanging baskets it’s generally a rule that too much is better than too little, as if you have chosen the correct hanging basket liner, then excessive water will drain through it. So, the main thing you will be worrying about is your water bill.


Hopefully, you have found this blog useful, and good luck with keeping your baskets thriving this summer.



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