Our family has been making hanging baskets for over 26 years.  It all started at a Garden Nursery in North Yorkshire where we use to sell made up hanging baskets and refill old baskets for the local trade, local business, hotels and pubs.


We have produced tens of thousands of baskets over the years, and had many returning customers year after year. After using different liners for many years, we found them quite impractical and decided to experiment using different material. My Father-in-Law sourced a new material that ticked all the boxes needed to develop his own basket lining system – The Amateur’s Answer.


This product was the ideal solution for our business and now many other professional businesses use our lining system for their baskets. The Amateurs Answer hanging basket liners have sold really well at many flower shows.  Many demonstrations have been made to help create the perfect hanging basket.


My Father-in-Law retired earlier this year from both the running of the garden centre and the selling of the hanging basket liners, but the popular liners are now being sold by the family.


We now operate online, selling the Amateur’s Answer garden products to customers around the world. We are a family run business living in Chester and we hope to carry on providing the high standards of service to you all.