When To Plant A Hanging Basket?

When is it a good time to start planting a hanging basket?

You can display your hanging baskets all year round, if you so desire, but people usually concentrate on the summer season.


Summer Baskets

For the summer season, you can start making your hanging baskets in April. If you have a greenhouse, you need to use it until all the days and nights are frost free.

If you don’t have a greenhouse, then you should either start making the basket a bit later, or make the effort to protect the basket with shelter or covers during frosty nights etc.

From Mid May onward you should find that your baskets can stay out without worrying about the cold.

Summer season hanging baskets usually take a lot more attention, as the plants used need a bit more care to avoid damage from frost in the early and later stages of the season. Plus, you have to be careful that they don’t dry out on hot days.


Winter Baskets

For winter hanging baskets, you will need use more hardy plants that will not be affected by the frost. Start planting these In September or October.


Can you use the Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liner on Winter Baskets?

You can Use the Amateur’s Answer Hanging basket Liner on both winter and summer hanging baskets. The only difference is that for summer Baskets you can use a piece of polythene as a reservoir inside your liner, but in the winter baskets this is left out.

The reason for leaving out the polythene is that any water pooled inside the basket could freeze and damage the roots of the plants.


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