The Story Behind the Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liner

Where it all began...

John Nesbitt created the Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liner over 20 years ago. John had owned a garden nursery in North Yorkshire since the early 1990s and had a business growing thousands of hanging baskets every year for local homeowners and small businesses in the area.

The problem with traditional hanging basket liners.

John realised that whilst coco and moss hanging basket liners looked nice - they were impractical, messy and often attracted birds. He wanted to find something that would address these problems.

A new type of hanging basket liner.

After much trial and error John sourced a special lining material and developed his own technique for making hanging baskets. After using this liner at his nursery for many years John launched the Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Lining System and started selling the product at garden shows and online.

How does the Amateur's Answer Hanging Basket Liner work?

John provided a range of demonstration videos which showed exactly how to plant a hanging basket using his special liner.

The next generation of hanging basket liners...

John retired recently from running the garden nursery and selling hanging basket liners. The latest version of this popular hanging basket liner is now sold by the family under the Amateurs Answer name.

We hope you'll continue to enjoy using this special hanging basket liner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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