Wool Jumpers and Bin Liners for Hanging Baskets…..

Can you use a Wool Jumper or a Plastic Bag as a Hanging Basket Liner?

This is a good question that a lot of people seem to be asking. The thought of finding a use for something like a wool jumper, that is old and you no longer have a use for is pleasing to many of us now.

Another reason for such a choice of materials is the cost. Using a plastic back sounds like the cheapest possible way to line your hanging basket. This sounds great, but the question remains….

Can you use these jumpers and bags to line your hanging basket??

Our answer to that is, of course you can… but why bother?


Here are some Pros and Cons of using wool jumpers and plastic bags as hanging basket liners:



One of the main concerns is appearance. The point of creating a hanging basket is to make your garden more beautiful, so will it be a good idea to see a plastic bags or a tatty old sweater hanging out of the bottom of a basket?



Another main consideration would be how well these liners perform throughout the season. The two main things that you get from a quality hanging basket liner is the ability to drain, but they also need to retain moisture.

Plastic bags don’t usually have good drainage, in fact you would consider it a pretty lousy bag if it did, so this means you will need to apply holes in it to allow the water to pass through. If you apply too many, not enough moisture is retained, too few and the water will stagnate and kill the plants.

Wool Jumpers are not perfect either. How well the basket will perform will also depend on what type of jumper you use. The main concern with the wool is excessive drainage.


Ease of Use

The preparation of making a hanging basket with a plastic bag as a liner should be quite quick to do, but getting the right amount of drainage points will be difficult.

Preparing a wool jumper liner is more difficult. You would need to ensure it is fully secure, as the last thing you want is lines of wool draping down the side.


Our Opinion on Using Wool Jumpers / Plastic Bags as a Hanging Basket Liner

Although the thought of using your own household alternatives as a basket liner is quite pleasing, the reality is that these things aren’t as suitable as a real hanging basket liner and you may find that you spend either too much time watering due to excessive drainage, or you plants die early due to water stagnation.




Consider buying a real basket liner. The performance will be great, the appearance will be much more appealing and it will be so much easier to install. Plus, the cost of the liners can be quite low.

The Amateur’s Answer Hanging Basket Liner is a simple solution that ticks all of the boxes, as described above.

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