Side Planting a Hanging Basket with Large Cell Plants

Hanging baskets are many people’s favourite features in a garden, here we discuss the use of large cell planting in a hanging basket. Summer or winter, hanging baskets are seen hanging around our gardens.


Some people have no problem at all in creating the perfect basket, but others struggle to get the right results. Here at Amateur’s Answer, we hope to help those of you who find things a little more difficult with advice by supplying you all the information you need to know how to make a great quality hanging baskets with simple tips and tricks that anyone can follow.


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Large Cell Plants – Side Planting Hanging Baskets

In this blog we are hoping to help you successfully side-plant a hanging basket with Large Cell Plants.

Many people, both at home and professional growers struggle to plant hanging baskets with plants such as pansies that come with a large rooted base that we really don’t want to disturb.


The problem many people face is getting the plant through the hanging basket liner without creating too large a hole. It’s impossible to do this by feeding the roots through the liner and the problem feeding the foliage first is that there is a risk of damage to that.


With the Amateurs Answer Hanging Basket Liner, we have a great technique for applying a large cell plant through a basket liner without damage to the roots or the foliage and will allow you to leave a nice small hole that doesn’t allow excessive water drainage from your basket.


Please click on the below link to see our short You tube demonstration…


We hope you find this useful and enjoy making your hanging baskets. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.

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