How to Make a Large Hanging Basket

Most people who make hanging baskets, have small or medium sized baskets ranging in size up to 16” diameter. Anything of a larger diameter is usually classed as a Big Hanging Basket.

Large hanging baskets aren’t that common for a number of reasons.

  • There are fewer larger baskets on the market to choose from.
  • The weight of the basket is really quite heavy once plants are fully grown and it has just been watered.
  • It is often difficult to find and fit a hanging basket liner for this size of basket

For those of you still keen to create a large hanging baskets, Amateur’s Answer has some great tips in how to successfully make a fantastic basket. There are also a range of  online tutorials to help guide you through some tricky situations.

Such as ‘How to Plant a Hanging Basket with Large Cell Plantsor our guide ofMaking a Hanging Basket for the first time


Here we have a great solution for making a large hanging basket. Firstly, the right choice of hanging basket liner! The Amateur’s Answer hanging basket lining system is an ideal choice that will do a great job on all kinds of hanging baskets. Even wrought Iron Baskets or widely spaced bars prove no problem for this liner.

Secondly, follow this online visual demonstration that will guide you through the steps of lining your hanging basket and make it ready for planting…


How to fit a Liner and Make a Large Hanging Basket



To see the full Video, which includes how to plant your basket, please CLICK HERE


To purchase the liner as seen in the online video, you will need a ‘Special Liner’.

Below is a link to our online shop where you can purchase the liner directly.

The Amateur’s Answer ‘Special Cut Liner’

Please feel free to browse our site for other products and tips to help you make great hanging baskets. CLICK HERE

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