Trough & Window Box Liners



This is Amateurs Answer Universal lining system designed for larger items such as troughs, planters, window boxes and mangers and give you first class results for both a novice and professional basket maker.

The Universal Liner can be used on baskets/trough or planters that measure up to 48” wide.

Widely spaced baskets present no problems with these hanging basket liners. The liner itself can even be reused next year.

The Amateur’s Answer Universal Liner comes with everything you need to line your baskets.


Items included in pack:

1x Universal Liner

Non-Solvent, Non-Flammable Glue

Fully illustrated step by step guide


The Universal Liner fits the majority of wrought iron planters, trough, hayracks and windows etc. on the market today as well as hanging baskets up to 16″.

To be certain it will fit your frame, measure (at midway) from the top at the back, underneath to the top at the front. If this measurement is 70cm (28inches) or less these liners will fit.


If your trough measures more than 70cm (28 inches) we can supply you with a “Special Liner” which may suit your requirements.

Please Click here for a “Special Liner”.



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