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Watering Solutions for Hanging Baskets

Watering Solutions for your Hanging Baskets   Watering your baskets regularly is essential in keeping your hanging basket plants strong and healthy. However, with many people have busy lives and find it hard, if not impossible, to water their baskets as often as they should. Whether its work, weekends away, or two week holidays in…

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Sphagnum Moss for Hanging Basket Liners

Sphagnum Moss for Hanging Basket Liners   Over the years, moss has been considered to be the only solution for creating great hanging baskets. Sphagnum moss is living carpet of moss found in wet places like peat bogs and marshes. It has a great ability to retain moisture within it large cells. Water retention is a…

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Can I Plant Strawberries in a Hanging Basket?

..Absolutely. Growing strawberries from hanging baskets is a great way to grow (possibly) the tastiest fruit we know. There are advantages of growing strawberries in hanging baskets too. Being elevated from the ground, you find that firstly the fruit doesn’t end up sitting in puddles and end up inedible. Secondly, the fruit is out of…

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