How to apply a Liner to a ¾ Round Wall Planter that will stay in place for years

You may have seen these around.. Like are like an incomplete hanging basket that attaches to a house corner?

They come in a variety of sizes and not only do you see them in ¾ sizes, but there are also ¼ baskets that fit into a 90 degrees corner.

These are lovely to have, but can be a bit awkward to find a replacement liner for once the original liner needs replacing. It can turn out to be a quite a chore also preparing them with a liner that is probably going to perish by this time next year.

Fear not, here is an alternative way to line a ¼ or 3/4 round corner wall planter with the Amateur’s Answer basket liner. This will take a bit longer that lining a normal hanging basket or trough, but will make it a great fit and it will last for years.

A Liner for a Corner Wall Basket that will last for years??

Unlike most hanging basket or wall planter liners, the Amateur’s Answer is very thin, but very strong and durable. Being a fibre like material, it can be worked like clothes, as opposed to any regular liner. So, one way for you to securely attach this liner to the basket is to sew it in place!

The awkward shape, plus the flexible thin lining material, makes sewing this in place an easy task.

Lining a Regular Shaped Hanging Basket with The Amateur’s Answer..

Making up a hanging basket or planter with this liner is very simple.

The Amateur’s Answer ‘Hanging Basket Liner’ comes in packs of 3 and uses a piece of material, which is held in place by an elastic band.

The ‘Universal Liner’, is generally used for window boxes, troughs and planters. This again is a piece of material, but is held in place with either twine, or glue.

There are numerous demonstrations of how to do this on the following page…

Lining an Irregular shaped basket, such as a ¼ or ¾ round Wall Planter..

Similar to the demonstrations above, these awkward shaped planters can use much of the same theory. Plus, as long as the overall width of the basket is less than 16”, then the material supplied in the pack of 3 will be sufficient.

A simple and quick way to do this is to use an elastic band (included in pack), like in the hanging basket demo and flick the elastic band over the 90 degree corner to keep it in place. Then tuck the liner material under the compost, again as in the basket lining demo.

..However, if you want to keep the liner in place for years, then follow the below instructions…

1 – Sit the ¼ or ¾ round basket on to a pot that will hold it upright

2 – Lay a single liner over the top of the planter, so that the material hangs over pretty even on all sides.

3 – Cut a piece of polythene (bin liner or similar) to act as a pocket that stores water, and put it inside the planter. (this should only cover about 1/3 of the height of the planter)

4 – Apply compost (and a handful of slow release fertiliser) on top of the polythene and fill to the top

5 – Stretch out the material so that it lies as evenly as possible

6 – Press down the compost and top up with a bit more if required. (This ensures that the liner is how it would be when planted)

7 – Go around the planter trimming the off the excess material to approx. 1.5 inches from the rim.

8 – Prepare Needle and Thread, best use Nylon fishing line to make this last season after season.

9 – Double over the excess material to make this stronger, then sew around the baskets in the form that it is in. You may have to have compost aside whilst you move round.

Is this worth the effort?..  Well It is a bit fiddly, but once the tying off is done and the liner is secure, you will find that this will stay in place for a long time.

The liner is strong enough to last, so you be able to pull this out next year, wash it off and plant up once again. So, I think you will find that it is worth the effort.

Hope this has helped anyone who still has some of these odd shaped planters still knocking around.

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